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Services - Under Construction

We offer many services for our clients.  However, this is not just picking and choosing from a list.  When you contact us, one of the first things will do is discuss various options and ideas for your event.  In order to ensure to you get exactly what you want and need, we will work with you to select and customize a unique set of services and programs for your event.  Below you will find more details on the types of services we provide.  Please note that the minimum duration of services is 2 hours and the maximum is 8 hours per day (with breaks); characters may be contracted for multiple days of work consecutively.

The scope of events we do is quite expansive.  From private birthday parties to corporate events to festivals to even Hollywood premiers, we do it all.  Our past experiences have included all of the above and almost everything in between.  Your event does not even need to be specifically OZ-themed; we are happy to participate in all sorts of family-themed festivals, fairs, and events.  We also do benefits, charities, and fundraisers for non-profit and civic organizations, as well as hospitals, fire/police departments, and so on.  


Thinking of hiring other characters and/or entertainment?  No problem!  We have no problem sharing performance space and times with other individuals and/or groups*.  Our characters will even perform with other acts when asked.  


But what if your event isn’t for families or children?  Our characters can be booked for adult events such as cabarets, galas, parties, etc., provided the atmosphere and other entertainment is not of a mature or sexual nature.  If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our director to discuss your concerns.


*Please note that our characters cannot perform alongside other OZ impersonators due to the fact that it is confusing to children and may ruin the magic of the act.  The only exception to this rule is OZ characters not represent by The Spirit of OZ, such as Kansas characters, Emerald City citizens, Munchkins, etc. 

Festivals and Fairs and Carnivals, Oh My! 

The Spirit of Oz got its start at the Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival.  So we consider events of this type to be our speciality!  No matter the size of your event, we promise to make it special to each and every one of your attendees.  Whether you're looking for a meet-and-greet or a family-friendly stage act or maybe you just need "celebrity" guest to emcee, our characters are right for the job!  We offer a plethora of services for festivals and fairs, so send us a message or give us  a call - we'd love to put together the perfect deal for you!  Ask us about our discounted rates for longer hours and multi-day events! 


Everyone loves a good birthday party and Dorothy and her pals are no exception!  We love making everyone's special day a little more special.  Every birthday package includes a meet-and-greet, photo opportunities, song and dance routines, and a special gift for the guest of honor.  They will even take part in party games and activities!  The characters are happy to attend birthday parties in-home or at your favorite venue.  However, we do ask that you keep the weather in mind when planning your event. Some characters are sensitive to rain (Tin Man and Wicked Witch) and the Cowardly Lion and Toto can get awfully hot on summer days, so it's always a good idea to have back up plan for shade and cooling in mind.  Don't worry, the fun and games isn't just for kids!  We love doing parties for big kids (adults) too! 

Other Events

We are willing and able to accommodate many different types of events such as corporate events, anniversaries, grand openings, and much more.  Contact us today and let us know how we can be a part of your celebration! 

Event Consultation and Planning

We know that event planning can be a big job and we're here to help!  Whether you need some suggestions for activities or you'd like us to handle the whole shebang, our experienced team has you covered!  Simple get ahold of us and we will get your show on the Yellow Brick Road!  

Costume and Prop Rental

Looking to become a character yourself? We have an array of Oz costumes and props available for rent at competitive rates.  Whether you're portraying a character in a show, putting on an Oz-themed event, or simply need a stunning Halloween costume without dropping a ton of cash, we can help!

Custom Costumes

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Do you need stunning costumes for your OZ stage production?  Our costuming team is available for hire!  We offer both costumes similar to our own and custom designs to make your production fresh and unique.  Custom costuming services must be enlisted well in advance, so please reach out to us today!

Other Characters

Are you interested in booking characters from somewhere other than the Land of Oz? The Spirit of Oz now offers characters from a wide range of other fairytales, fantasy worlds, and pop culture.  Let us know who you're looking to book, we may just have them! 

What are you waiting for?
Get your free booking quote today!



Meet and greets are our most popular service and are included in every service package!


Care to hear a song or take in a comedic story featuring your guests from Oz?  The Spirit of Oz specializes in custom performances!


We are at your service!  We make your dreams a reality!  If you've got an idea or request, just shoot us a message; we'd love to help. 

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