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What child, or adult for that matter, does not instantly recognize Dorothy and her pals from Oz?  The cast of characters from The Wizard of Oz is arguably the most easily recognizable group of individuals in pop culture - and now they're available to attend your next event!  Guests will swear that this fantastical foursome has skipped right out of the classic story.  Our characters are recognized as the finest; they even attended the premier of The Wizard of Oz 3D at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood at the request of Warner Bros!  From the attention to detail in the costuming right down to the authentic portrayals, you won't find a better or more magical group out there.


Take a look below and meet the characters you may be seeing at your next festival, party, or corporate event! Looking for a character that is not on the list? Let us know - we may be able to provide them!  


Dorothy Gale

The young and young at heart will delight in meeting Dorothy Gale, everyone's favorite Kansas farmgirl.  Charming, intelligent, and kind, she easily makes friends with everyone she meets.  Decked out in her quaint gingham dress and magical slippers, Dorothy will be easily recognized by all who see her.  

The Scarecrow

Dorothy's best friend: the whimsy, flimsy, lovable Scarecrow! He may not have a brain but he certainly knows how to entertain a crowd - young and old alike - with rubber-legged movement and comical dance routines.  Just try not to crack a smile when he's around. Go on - we dare ya!


Tin Man

Although he will tell you that he doesn't have a heart, anyone who has ever met the Tin Man will tell you he is the sweetest man to ever be made of metal!  When he's not busy cutting down trees or keeping the Scarecrow out of trouble, the Tin Man enjoys meeting new people and playing games.  If you ask nicely, he may let you hold his axe! 

Cowardly Lion

He's just a dandy lion - which is probably why children and adults alike love meeting the Cowardly Lion. Don't be afraid, just step up and introduce yourself!  If you really want to get on his good side, just pet his soft mane.  The Lion really is quite personable once he gets to know people.  *Please do not feed the animal.


The Wicked Witch of the West

Dorothy's formidable, green-faced foe does not care to be left out of the fun.  Book the whole group and she'll fly in for a spell.  Despite her beautifully wicked ways toward Dorothy and the gang, the Witch is quite courteous to guests, especially those who flatter her.  Hold on to your slippers!

Glinda the Good Witch

As beautiful as she is kind, Glinda is a fan favorite of little girls everywhere.  She is the quintessential fairy tale queen dressed in her shimmering ball gown and sparkling crown.  Her fantastical appearance is guaranteed to leave audiences awestruck and charmed.   *The Spirit of Oz is not responsible for unexpected snowfall caused by the Good Witch.  


Toto too!

Who could forget Dorothy's furry, four-legged companion, Toto? No one! He's a truly sweet and gentle dog. Invite him to your event he promises not to bite even the wickedest of witches and he'll keep the barking to a minimum. 

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