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The Spirit of Oz portrays the classic characters of L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz, which is in the public domain.  We are not affiliated with Warner Bros. or Turner Entertainment, which own all rights to the 1939 film starring Judy Garland.

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About the Spirit of Oz - Magic Guaranteed!

What is the Spirit of Oz?

The Spirit of Oz is the premier troupe of Wizard of Oz characters in the United States!  From intimate birthday parties to spectacular corporate events to multi-day festivals and fairs, we do it all!  


Each year our company travels all over the country.  We have been seen from NYC to LA and just about everywhere in between! Founded in 2005 as part of of the Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival , the troupe grew to become an independent entity that has appeared at countless events such as The Indianapolis 500 Festival, The Indiana State Fair, Oz-Stravaganza in Chittenango, and even the premiere of The Wizard of Oz 3D in Hollywood!  

The Spirit of Oz currently represents four major Oz events in the United States: The Mapleton Wizard of Oz Festival (Mapleton, IL), Wizard of Oz Days (New Hannibal, MO, & Chesterton, IN), and the Midwest Wizard of Oz Festival (Tinkley Park, IL). 

Community service and charitable works are a key part of our business philosophy; therefore, the Spirit of Oz proudly takes part in charitable fundraisers and regularly appears at children's hospitals. 

The Spirit of Oz also travels internationally.


How Are We Different?

The Spirit of Oz means so much more than just photo opportunities.  Our characters sing and dance, host activities, emcee events, and just about anything else you can dream up!  We strive to make our characters a fully integrated part of each and every event we do.  Therefore, our team works with yours to present a tailored experience unlike any other.

We pride ourselves in providing the finest characters with the highest quality costumes.  All of our characters wear exquisitely crafted costumes handmade by our wardrobe team.  We also use theatrical makeup techniques to present a character that is authentic as possible.


Of course, our characters can only be as good as the people who portray them.  Therefore, we cast only professional actors who are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing top-notch performances.  Our casting team carefully selects each performer based on their suitability to the selected character(s), as well as the authenticity of their portrayal.  We promise that each and every actor will be in full character from start to finish! 

Why Trust The Spirit of Oz? 

  • At 15 years in business, we are the longest-running and most trusted group of OZ impersonators in the nation.

  • We provide a dedicated, sincere, and authentic team of performers.

  • Authentic costumery and expert makeup provide a professional touch.

  • We are the only full group of OZ characters traveling nationwide.  

  • Even Warner Bros. selected us as the official characters for the 75th Anniversary celebration in Hollywood.

  • We have appeared on noteworthy media such as Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo! Movies, and the National Inquirer just to name a few! 

  • We take a hands-on approach to helping our clients plan their event from start to finish.

  • You can count on us to provide professional and courteous.

  • Save yourself the headache!  We know you've got a lot on your plate when planning an event.  When you book the Spirit of Oz, you can rest easy that we will take care of all the details! 


Don’t just take our word for it - read our testimonials

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