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The Spirit of Oz Performing Live

2013 - 2018: Over the Rainbow

After the events of the 75th Anniversary, The Spirit of Oz grew leaps and bounds.  In addition to festivals and fairs, the characters began appearing at private functions such as birthday parties, corporate events, and conferences, as well as public events and educational activities hosted by libraries, schools, and non-profits. They also began offering special services like custom videos and phone calls from characters. Some cast members began appearing in theatrical productions and other similar projects. The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion even made a cameo appearance as Scrooge's ghostly visitors in a large, annual production of A Christmas Carol. In 2015, The Spirit of Oz cast headlined a full stage production The Wizard of Oz, which sold out its one-month run. 


2014 brought the cast their first festival residency since the end of the Chesterton Festival when they were contracted by the fledgling Illinois Oz Festival in Mapleton.  This festival has grown exponentially since adding the characters to their annual lineup. In fact, the festival saw so much growth after its first year with The Spirit of Oz that the park district had to have their walkthrough Oz garden relocated and expanded to almost three times its original size to accommodate the crowds. In 2015, two other first-year Oz Festivals followed suit in hiring The Spirit of Oz: A Day in Oz (later Wizard of Oz Days) in Missouri, and The Midwest Wizard of Oz Festival in Tinley Park, Illinois. This year also saw the addition of a full-time live Toto for the first time. 

In 2018, the company branched into other Oz-related services such as costume rentals, event consultation, historical displays, and educational speaking engagements. The also began offer The Wizard and his Great Oz Magic Show for both private and public events. 

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